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RG series (adsorption printing die cutter slotter folder gluer production line)

★ Full vacuum transfer absorbing prinitng 
★ Keyless conntection ring to reduce center  wear ,imaginary  magnification .to maintain longterm printing registration .
★  Lubricate oil balancer : to keep the unit lubricating oil on the same level .
★ The whole machine computer control ,PLC  touch screen 
★ Computer remote maintenance 
★ Each  unit  equippment  alarm bell and emergency stop bottom  
  • Commodity name: RG series (adsorption printing die cutter slotter folder gluer production line)
  • Commodity ID: a2
  • 产品描述
  • Technological parameter

    Model 920 1224 1228
    Maximum machine speed(piece/min) 350 250 220
    Maxi feeding size(LX Wmm) 900x2000 1200x2400 1200x2800
    Min feeding size(mm) 300 350
    Min fold size (mm) 240×110 250x110
    Suitable for boardsheet (mm) E-AB ridge

    * Subject to change and improvement without notice.

    Spray glue system(optional)

      ★ Cooperate with international well-known   brands of glue spraying system suppliers to   ensure good after sales service
      all over the world.
      ★ Use the latest generation glue spraying   system,Can automatically tracks and non-  contact accurate glue spraying without any   serrings.
      ★ Environmentally friendly, No need to   worry about leaking or spilling glue, Less   waste, More convenient to maintenance
      and adjustment.

    Power electrical depapment

    ★ The main power adopts frequency conversion motor,which is synchronized with the flexo printer.
    ★ All powers are driven by synchronous belt,Simple structure,stable operation,Lower noise and lower vibration.
    ★ The moving part are composed of ball screw rod and linear guide.
    ★ Electrical appliances all adopt international top brand (Siemens), 9 servo control system, servo driver adopts international top brand (British CT), stable quality, can be designed and manufactured according to requirements. This machine can process 2-8mm three-layer, five -layer corrugated cardboard.