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High speed automatic delievery carton box production line

★ Full vacuum transfer absorbing prinitng 
★ Keyless conntection ring to reduce center  wear ,imaginary  magnification .to maintain longterm printing registration .
★  Lubricate oil balancer : to keep the unit lubricating oil on the same level .
★ The whole machine computer control ,PLC  touch screen 
★ Computer remote maintenance 
★ Each  unit  equippment  alarm bell and emergency stop bottom  
  • Commodity name: High speed automatic delievery carton box production line
  • Commodity ID: a3
  • 产品描述
  • Function and characteristic

    ● Connection with the printing machine, printing, grooving, die cutting, gluing, folding, correction, counting, splitting, packing, output.

    ● Machine connection control, computer storage order, remote control operation, digital input.

    ● Key transmissions purchase imported brand bearings and high- speed transmission belts.

    ● Sticky box power: 8kw Packing: 2kw.

    ● Sticky box: 10*2.5 meters Packing: 4*2 meters.

    ● Gluing part: use stainless steel rubberizing wheel to resist corrosion and evenly spray or glue.

    ● Electrical appliances: all adopt international top brands, stable quality, reliable, special, can be designed and manufactured according to requirements. This machine can process 2- 8mm three-layer, five-layer corrugated cardboard.

    Technological parameter

    Model 2400 Type 2600 Type 2800 Type 2000 Type
    Size A(mm) 80-660 80-660 80-660 80-660
    Size A(mm) 600-2400 600-2600 600-2800 400-2000
    Size A(mm) 135-660 165-660 165-660 130-660
    Size A(mm) 200-1050 240-1200 240-1200 170-1000
    Erection space(mm) 10-3 m 10.5-3.5 m 10.5-3.7 m 10-3.5 m
    Power of motor (KW) 8kw 8kw 8kw 8kw
    Weight (T) 5T 5.5T 5.5T 5.5T

    * Subject to change and improvement without notice.